Our Approach

The barriers to growth often lie in the wrong strategy, lack of integration, or incorrect resourcing. We specialize in identifying those barriers and optimizing marketing and communications programs to help companies grow. 

Because each company has unique challenges, we customize our approach based on the need. Our services range from a comprehensive suite of solutions to targeted support.   

To maintain objectivity, we do not provide day-to-day execution support but we do all the work that gets you to that point. A 6-month follow-up is also included to ensure our recommendations are working. We can also help you find and hire the right talent whether that is internal staff, contractors, freelancers, agencies, or a combination. 

Our Services

  • /grōTH/ Verified is our comprehensive evaluation and optimization service. We begin by evaluating how well-positioned a company is to grow and then optimize marketing and communications strategy, programs, resources, and processes to generate more revenue. 
  • /grōTH/ Audits evaluates key areas that have the greatest impact on a company’s ability to grow. As an example, the 3P Performance Audit identifies gaps and misalignment against business objectives and growth strategies, while our Top of Find Audit identifies gaps in marketing strategy and plans. 
  • /grōTH/ Strategies defines how to optimize marketing and communications programs, processes, and people to improve ROI and generate more sales. 


We are committed to helping every organization grow regardless if we do the work or you do. We offer workshops and speakers to help organizations up-level their marketing program and grow talent. 

  • Workshops – We customize workshops based on your needs and challenges. Our workshops are designed to train teams on how to develop effective strategies and plans, enhance integration, improve processes, and establish best practices for communications and accountability. 
  • Speakers – Our speakers help marketing and communications teams develop skills in any area of marketing and communications. We also serve as a resource for executive teams on cross-functional integrated planning, marketing best practices, and customer insights.