Our People

We are specialists, not generalists. Think of us as the Special Ops team.  /grōTH/ Strategists are senior-level marketing and communications leaders recognized for their expertise and demonstrated success in helping companies grow. Following an initial consultation, we customize a team of subject-matter experts based on your specific needs and challenges.
Teri Daley, APR, CDMP

Teri Daley, APR, CDMP

Founder/Growth Strategist

Teri has helped some of the world’s most recognizable brands transform their marketing and communications programs to enhance their reputation, market position, and sales trajectory. 

She founded /grōTH/ in 2019 to help companies optimize their marketing and communications programs to increase sales. Prior to /grōTH/, Teri held leadership roles at leading global public relations agencies and on the marketing teams of Fortune 100 technology companies, such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Huawei. 

By unlocking each stakeholder in a company’s ecosystem, she has helped to transform the reputation of brands, create advocacy, remove barriers, and generate demand. The programs she has designed throughout her career have helped to elevate brands to industry leaders, compete with industry giants, and market-make technologies, products, and services we could not have envisioned needing, but now rely on daily.

With 20+ years of communications experience, Teri is recognized as an expert at:

  • Aligning marketing and communications with business objectives to create growth
  • Repositioning brands to gain a leadership position and competitive advantage
  • Designing and operationalizing marketing and communications programs to increase sales
  • Enhancing crisis/issues programs to avoid business disruption
Notable Successes:

• King-Making Samsung: Repositioned Samsung as the leading Android OEM and the main competitor to Apple within 6 months by reshaping the company’s PR strategy, narrative, and media approach. Leveraged elite business outlets for pillar reputation stories, including Wall Street Journal (“Two-Horse Race”), USA Today (“Samsung is out-innovating Apple”), New York Times (“Samsung Challenges Apple’s Cool Factor”) and Fortune (“Samsung’s Road to Mobile Domination”).

• Creating Demand for Microsoft: Microsoft Windows Phone was suffering from single-digit market share impacting app developer and OEM support. Returned the platform to the consideration set among media, industry analysts, and OEMs by repositioning as “one of the top three operating systems.”  Designed external stakeholder campaigns and optimized global processes that resulted in 13 new OEMs within 5 months.

Diversifying HTC’s Business: Developed the “Third-Life” narrative and stakeholder campaign to garner support for HTC’s business diversification strategy. Defined HTC as a serious contender in the new categories by developing compete campaigns that disrupted category conversations and leaders, Oculus and FitBit. Within 1 year of announcing HTC Vive, it was considered the benchmark in VR. (Huffington Post “Why the Vive Is Winning VR.”)  In January 2016, launched Under Armour HealthBox with media and analysts stating, “this is the future of fitness technology.”  Created mass-market brand awareness for HTC by leveraging social influencers and diversifying coverage resulting in HTC being ranked #48 for the first time on Business Insider’s “Top 100 Brands for Millennials” list.

• Driving Product Sales for Huawei: Despite a de-positioning campaign by the U.S. government against Huawei, ensured inventory sell-through by designing a campaign to defend the company’s reputation, leverage influencers for advocacy, and showcase industry-leading innovation. YoY coverage increased by 189% and positive coverage by 133%.